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Analysing the fundamentals behind the hype, speculation and persuasive language commonly seen across Digital Assets markets globally and locally.

Welcome to the CoinJar Digital Currency Fund Insights where you’ll find our latest opinions and analysis on digital currency markets and investing. You can download our free reports below.

Market Insights
Market Insights - Q4 2018

The last quarter continued to clean out short-term investors in a period that no doubt shook a few speculators, but only emboldened the long-term community. The BTC price opened at $9,166.51 on October 11, with its highest point reaching $9,326.65 ($6666.66 in USD, a sign perhaps?) on October 16. Interestingly, volumes continued strong around $4-8 billion.

Market Insights
Market Insights - Q3 2018

The last quarter proved wild for short-term speculative investors with BTC at $8,356 on June 30 rising to $11,709 on July 25th and tumbling to $9,284 by September 30th. Based on those prices if you had held BTC for the quarter you would have seen gains of 11.10%. Comparatively, if you had entered the bull run in September 2017 at $6,581 returns would be in excess of 39%.

Benefits of investing in the fund

Historically, digital currencies have provided alternative sources of capital growth with low correlations with traditional asset classes such as equities and fixed income. The CoinJar Digital Currency Fund provides an easy way for investors to gain access and exposure to digital currencies through a single investment, without having to self-manage wallets or private keys.

Asher Tan
CoinJar CEO